About PROPi?

What is PROPi and how does it works...
PROPi.in is real estate market place for both Channel Partners/Real Estate Agents and Developer sales team to interact with each other and enhance the business. It has both Primary market listings of Developers and Secondary market listings of Resale and Lease of both Commercial and Residential Properties.
Only Channel Partners and Real Estate Agents/Brokers are allowed and Developers/Builders and their Sales and Business Development Team Members are allowed to become Members of PROPi.in
Channel Partners/Real Estate Agents/Brokers list their Properties and Requirements in their CRM and the same is displayed in the MLS - Market Place, where in more than 27000 Channel Partners can view the properties and listings and connect if they have a matchng property or requirement. Same way, the Builder Sales Team list their projects and Channel Partners can review the same and connect with the Sales Teams who are actually handling the project
CRM - Customer Relationship Management - In PROPi the My Requirements and My Properties are part of the CRM for the Channel Partner, as he is servicing the Client for his requirement and property. MLS is a short form for Multiple Listing Service and Market Place, where in all your leads and properties get listed on a larger platform. For example, you may work in Bandra, but you may get a listing for Malad, where you may not be actively dealing in, in that case, once you list a property, another fellow Real Estate Agent may see the property and repsond to you and chances of deal increases and same goes for requirement in case you dont work in a particular location, you can get a lot on the www.propi.in platform and at least service your client and have a deal in hand.
Yes, PROPi.in is a market place for Channel Partners/Real Estate Agents/Brokers and Builder Sales Team to come together and Interact, Exchange information Intelligently on a tech platform.
PROPi.in is a simple straight forward platform which gives your propety listings a lot of weightage and creates a level playing field for all Channel Partners/Real Estate Agents/Brokers.
Currenlty, the launch is planned in only these 3 locations, but going forward, yes, the incorporation of other cities will be there.
No, PROPi has both RERA Registered Agents and Non RERA agents who deal in the Secondary (Lease and Resale) market in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.
Yes, you must be a Real Estate Agent/Channel Partner with proper ID, GST Number, Member of a local Association if any and RERA Registered if dealing in Primary Market.
Prop.in is a web based but mobile friendly website, going forward within 6 to 9 months it wil have its Mobile Application both on Android and IOS.
Listing Rules
No, you cannot, only in case you have genuine listings, then only you are allowed to list a property.
Just visit propi.in and log in with your mobile or email id and the rest of the details are given there.
Yes, you can refresh your properties. Properties posted on your CRM, will go out of the MLS - Market Place after 30 days unless you don’t refresh them.
Yes, you can in a specific format, but please ensure they don’t have any copyright issue and they are posted with Owners permission or under his notice.
No, you are not allowed to add other brokers/agents property without his prior permission, if you list like this, you may not get response as propi.in is encouraging NO +1 +2 deals.
Yes, you can mail his Mobile Number, Email and his Name to info@propi.in and we will connect and verify and add him on propi.