Channel Partners, Realtors, Real Estate Agents & Brokers

This is Your Terminal, Platform, Market Place or you Multiple Listing Service or simply an Encyclopaedia of the Real Estate Market.

At Propi we are addressing the following issues for Channel Partners, Realtors, Real Estate Agents & Property Brokers.

List Properties & Requirements – Becomes Your Own Database Management Tool without putting the Owners or Buyers Name and Numbers. You just have to either put a requirement or a property with basic details.

Whatever properties and requirements are listed by you, get updated on in either the Properties or the Requirement Section. So any one in the Mumbai Property Market can see your latest properties and requirements.

Matching Properties and Requirements

Because your properties appear on Search and requirements it also appear on the Matching Properties or Requirements whenever other Real Estate Agents list their properties so it helps in finding a Buyer or a Seller.

Tip - Request you to update your properties and requirements regularly.

Find Channel Partners/Agents

You can find like-minded Agents who are working in any location or specific buildings.

Find Builders Sales Team

Finding Under Construction Project or New Launches and keeping updated with the latest information is a full time assignment. Propi helps you to connect with Builder Sales Team who are on the site and not in the back end so you can easily find the latest rates, construction stage and availability or anything else you may need to know directly without wasting time.

Market Your Properties and Source Properties Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You can send Emails and SMS to other Real Estate Agents who are either working in a particular location or a building easily and Source Properties based on your requirements or Source Clients through other Real Estate Agents.

New Projects

Find New Projects, Under Construction Projects, New Launches, Download E Brochures, Customised Marketing Materials with your RERA Number and your Name/Company Name. Just Download Brochure.

Micro Page for your Profile and Property Listings

When ever you create an account on a Profile in your name is created and all your Properties, Requirements and Project Associations are created Automatically.

We urge you to regularly Update your Profile and see yourself on Google ranking higher.