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Reboot Yourself – Post Lock Down | 23 Links to get you Geared Up as a Real Estate Consultant

We may be coming closer to the end of the 21 Day lockdown.

We surely can expect a Reboot in the Market, Though Processes with a complete shift in dynamics, outlook and interest if Our clients be it a Buyer, Seller, Owner, Landlord or Tenant.

  • As markets open up, we will have issues to deal with Force Majeure Clauses and the first few days will perhaps be spent in engaging with the Owners and Tenants.
  • We expect drastic changes in the Corporate World with Salary Reductions, Job Losses and the impact there of on the rental market.
  • Cash Flows, Business Cycles reinstating in various industries may take a few weeks to be restored fully.
  • We are expecting a stimulus soon by the Government and that may help some recovery in the Stock Market.

Consultants in the Real Estate Sectors must be Completely Geared Up and Ready for the upcoming Shift and prepared with a way to move forward


A Clear understanding of the Supply in the Market to start catering to the Demand of new clients is a PRIORITY as clients who are planning to Recycle or restructure mainly being commercial offices due to downsizing, continuation of Work from home policies which would ultimately lead to a ripple effect in the pockets of individuals.


With more newer modes of Operations and reduction in offline modes of transacting we are bringing you some of Savvy Features and Links which will Help you:

  • Gather the Information and contact details you’ll need based on The Primary Markets of All Under-Construction and Ready Possession and New Launches in Mumbai
  • Be Informed with the Market supply of Residential, Commercial Lease and Resale Properties available and listed
  • Grow your network by getting access to List and View Properties and Requirements and Contact details of over 33,000 Real Estate Consultants on a Single platform and increase your Visibility
  • Get access to Matching Requirements of other consultants matching the Properties you list & Matching Properties of other consultants matching the Requirements you list

Register for Free Today on to get access to all the existing and Upcoming Features.


PROPi is supporting the Channel Partners and Developers in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai and will do whatever is possible with Technology to make things easier.


23 Links to get you Geared Up as a Real Estate Consultant


  1. Market Analysis  – You can search by Building Name, Location and see daily market listings in a simple format.
  2. Location Analysis– We have divided Mumbai City in 6 Zones and each Zone has sub locations.
  3. Flats for Lease – Search Flats on lease listed by active real estate agents.
  4. Flats for Sale – Search Flats on Sale listed by active real estate agents.
  5. Office Spaces for Lease – Search Offices on Lease
  6. Office Space for Sale– Search Offices on Sale.
  7. Sample Matching Requirement– Sample of How you can see matching requirements of properties you list.
  8. Flats Required on Lease– Flats required on Lease by other agents for their clients.
  9. Flats Required on Sale– Flats required on Sale by other agents for their clients.
  10. Offices Required on Lease – Offices required on lease by other agents for their clients.
  11. Offices Required on Sale– Offices required on Sale by other agents for their clients.
  12. Inspections– Property inspections based on their requirement with proposed date and time
  13. Members Directory– Total number of listed agents – more than 36000 on
  14. RERA Resisted Consultants– RERA Registered Agents with their locations, RERA numbers and area of operation
  15. Building Directory– Building Directory of more than 12000 Buildings and which agents have property listed in them
  16. Sample of Building wise Listings– Example of How agent’s listings under buildings.
  17. New Project Offers and Deals– All Project offers, deals by various Builders updated every day on one page – first time ever feature.
  18. New Launch Projects in Mumbai & Thane– New Launches with Builder Sales Team Phone Number, WhatsApp functionality etc.
  19. RERA Projects– Search RERA Registered Project as per location, developer, micro location (just write – Andheri or Lodha, or link road you will get full project list.
  20. Project Videos– Latest Project Videos of ongoing projects
  21. Builders Directory– More than 1600 Builders Directory.
  22. Builder Sales Team– Search by Builder Name, Project Name or location and connect with the Sales Team of each and every project in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.
  23. Event Calendar– Developer Channel Partners meet.

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