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Metro to bring in Calibration in the Mumbai Property Market

As work progresses across the various Metro, the dream of an average Mumbai resident to have a hassle free commute becomes closer and closer to reality.

In Mumbai local trains, road accidents etc, around 15 to 20 people are killed every day. The jam packed trains surely offer a speedy connectivity, but peak time travel is worse than Cattle Class in Mumbai Trains and Buses.

Mumbai Metro is a ray of hope for the Mumbai residents as it will cut the commute time from one location to another from 20 min to 60 min or more depending on the route.

On the real estate market side, the Metro will bring in the calibration as required as once the distances shrink between a few locations which currently is say 60 min to 30 min and the ease of travel happens then there is bound to be some calibration on the cards.

Simple way to look at it, if Andheri West has 2 BHK for 2.50 Cr and Borivali West will have say for 1.50 Cr. Chances are that the market in Andheri may slow down and the projects and locations close to Borivali West may fetch a better price or may be better traction. Premium locations will remain premium and with Metro connectivity reaching most parts of the Mumbai city, calibration will surely be on cards starting from the year 2020.

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