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Dubai 2020 or Mumbai 2020 – Where should one invest?

Dubai Property Market is luring the Indian High Net worth individual with its usual dazzle and rightfully so, it deserves all the marks for it.

Any one who travels to Dubai, be it for work or pleasure is drawn to the awesome no nuisance culture of the Emirate and aspires to have a home there away from the Mumbai’s un friendly work life balance.

Dubai as per various reports is staring at an oversupply and so is Mumbai.

Dubai 2020 is important due to the Expo it has and the crowd it will be pulling from across the world and there fore an important land mark to be achieved by the UAE Government, which knowing the way Dubai works, they will Inshallah achieve.

Mumbai on the other hand has its own issues to grapple with and the goal post of Mumbai 2020 will be shifted to Mumbai 2025 to be a liveable city as per international standards as in 7 to 8 years, there will be government changes, political will blowing hot and cold, financial burden, crunches, and the way our legal systems work, there will be plenty of PIL’s on infra projects and therefore Mumbai may not be able to compete with Dubai 2020.

So if you are looking to Invest, Dubai is good long term and so is Mumbai, as long as you have 5 to 10 years minimum to invest you will be winner in both the cities.

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